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Are you ready to be a Conscious Creator?

We are hard-wired for joy...and to be conscious creators. These presentation videos will teach you why, and, more you are already equipt to manifest the life you desire.

I'm sure you've heard a lot of talk about manifesting--but how does it work in your own life? How does the process really work? What does it look like?

In these new presentations from Creating Consciously, you will learn how to live the life of a manifestor. The information contained in this presentation is vital. Everything about our planet and circumstances is begging us to step up--to step into a new way of life.

These visual audios are of a presentation I gave on the Law of Attraction and the Laws of the Universe. They include audios as well as a slideshow presentation for each topic.

Through this audio presentation, you will learn:

How to harness the creative energy that lies within you. 

You will learn how your body and spirit are programmed to be a creator. 

You will take a closer look at the "hardware" you already possess, and ...more importantly...

How to use it to help you create the life you desire

Now more than ever, everything about our world is calling for a new way of doing things...and a new way of being.  It's time to learn to create our lives spiritually, and learn to manifest our creations into the physical world.

This presentation was created to help you do just this.  I invite you to spend an hour with me.  I promise will be time well spent.

The Videos:

That's Right. You'll also receive the 1 hr audio "Everyday Manifesting & Beyond"


Are you ready to step up? Are you ready to let go of stress and struggle, and step into a new way of being? Into a life of grace and ease?

I'm convinced that learning to manifest--to harness the energy of our thoughts as well as the energy all around us--is the very reason we are here in this life experience. How's it going for you?

Most of us can use a little help, and I am going to make it easy for you. This simple audio presentation can change how you view your reality...and is sure to raise your vibration. For a limited time, I am offering it at the introductory price of just $18.

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What you get:

Seven Slideshow Presentation Videos (about 50 minutes total) on the Law of Attraction and Laws of the Universe. You can watch these online now, in just a few minutes!

Everyday Manifesting and Beyond Audio (about 55 minutes): An MP3 file you can download and play on your iPod, over and over again--and let this information sink deep into your mind, your life, and your way of being.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course. I strive to create products that are truly valuable. If for any reason, you aren't satisfied with your product, I'm happy to refund your money. Just do it within 30 days.

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